"LOOKING FOR HONGKONGERS", Mixed Media Paintings Exhibition
by LINDA LIAO, Nov 2-28, 09
To date, after the sovereignty of Hong Kong, changed hands from the imperial British Empire, to the glorious mother land of China, the arts community and society in general, are posing the question to themselves - what is the identity of Hong Kong? To answer this question, Linda examines closely with keen eyes on the clans dwell in this vibrating territory, and pondering through the recent historical events inside and around Hong Kong, compiling together this exhibition, with abstract images, as well representational portraits of political figures, semi-figurative of ordinary people, urbanscape and ruralscape of the territory, showing people to walk through her creative kingdom, simultaneously communicate with viewers to their thoughts and contemplations, in quest for the answers to the question that has been posting for the last decade

Her artistic creation has been unique and unconventional, introducing a new aesthetic appreciation into the world. Through her research and experiments, she has successes in mastering her signature impastos application with mixed media and acrylics on canvas, with vibrate monochrome colour and mixed colours, calling on the attentions of viewers’ eye sights to penetrating through the glowing illuminative surface into the depth of the paintings, to discover skillful applications of engravings of pastes, layers up on layers, finally come to the richness of messages she is putting together on each canvas. Breaking the barriers of flat surface painting, 2d engraves and 3d sculpture.

LINDA LIAO has exhibited in Paris, Kyoto, San Francisco, Michigan, Klefred (Gernany), Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Born in Guangxi, China, Linda has studied and lived in Australia, Paris and various cities of Europe prior to settling down in Hong Kong in 1995, where she currently conducts a figurative drawing studio.

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